Our Work

We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients including:

Montage Africa Fashion & Beauty Experience (MAFBE) Magazine 2017-2018

Fly Supply Clothing Line

Natural Trendsetter’s 15th Annual Royal Coils Natural Hair & Beauty Expo

Africa Trade Development Center South Florida-Nigeria Trade, Tourism, Business and Investment Initiative 2017

World Economic Forum Africa (WEFA) 2013-2015

Historic Virginia Key Beach Park Trust

Natural Trendsetter’s 10th Annual Royal Coils Natural Hair & Beauty Expo

American Black Film Festival (ABFF) 2005, 2011,2012

Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant 2012

Slam Bush Election Campaign

How The South Was Won

FAMU Cambuca Golf Tournament 2003

WMC 2005 Soul Simple

Funk Master Flex Carshow 2006

Miss Nigeria Florida Cultural Pageant 2012

New Amsterdam Gin Promotional Campaign 2009-2011

Camerena Tequila Promotional Campaign

Partida Tequila Promotional Campaign

Jim Brown Golf Classic 2007

M. Athalie Range Foundation Gala 2006

City Of Miami Historic Virginia Key Beach Park Trust

“Shotters” The Movie Red Carpet Bashment at Santos

Event GIANT Magazine Launch Party @ The Forge

Jaguar Wright Soul Sessions

DJ Khaled Listennn Album Release Campaign 2004

DJ Khaled The Temple 2001-2005

Wyclef’s Party by The Sea Videoshoot

VP Records 25th Anniversary Concert 2005

Mellow Monday’s Poetry

Daed Jewels Ice Walks 2006

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